tirsdag 23. april 2013

Christopher's WoGE #378

Since Christopher doesn't have his own blog, I post this for him:


Now that the WoGE is solved, I can give some additional pictures;

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  1. WOGE 377 was at: http://overburdenblog.blogspot.de/2013/04/and-i-start-off-with-something-non.html

  2. I found it, about where I though it must be based on the structures on the floodplain.

    Since I'm hosting this WoGE on behalf Christoper, I will give the rest of you another week to find it. :D

  3. I found it, but sadly cannot tell much about the geology there. Except the obvious of course, that this is an extremely nice example of a floodplain with generations of meanders, river branches and oxbow lakes. In the vicinity are mountains and cities with mining activity, but I don't see a connection to the river (besides being a traffic route).

    [Again, Blogspot has OpenID issues. :-( And you can't comment with just name and e-mail address.]

  4. florianjenn, do you have coordinates?

    The "linar forest" in the lower right corner is a known geological feature, which here controls the course of the river.
    And the floodplain is of an unusual type, unusual that is everywhere except here.

  5. Oh, I have coordinates, but didn’t want to post them until I could write something about the geology.

    But I was busy today and will be tomorrow, so I will be able to look into your hints only on the weekend. Good chance for the others to join the race! I’ve hidden a hint in this long text of mine…

  6. It looks like we do have at least three players who have found the place. One says he knows something geological about the spot, one has some general description of the area (which should be enough if there is nothing else more obvious) and one has this place in his list since 2 years. So gentlemen, after 2 weeks someone has to come out and kill this game. I think there is not much more to be found about the place as already being discussed here. Who has a nice spot for the next game?

  7. I didn’t have time yet to look into that “linear forest” to give a satisfying answer, and I don’t have a good idea for a new WoGE. So if anybody has the solution and a nice new spot, go ahead please!

  8. 53.629°, 81.958° Floodplain near Novosibirsk, Russia

    We are looking at a the beautiful floodplain of the river Ob with many meanders, oxbows lakes and so on.

    Do we have additional geological informations?

    1. I have looked for a credible explanation for the very long very straight forest bands. I found one explaining them as a result of ice damming during the last ice age, but that doesn't make sense. It looks to me as if it's deeper, in the bedrock. From what I can figure out from papers dealing with neighboring aread (Altai Mountains), the bedrock here could be an ancient accretionary prism. That sort of makes sense, differential weathering over millions of years could cause some layer to be have a surface less amenable to agriculture.

      The features of the floodplain are "special" too. That was what I used to find it in the first place: Those clearly defined ridges seem to occur only if the river s frozen over in winter, but if there is deep permafrost there will be circular "pits" as well. That gave me the approximate latitude.

      I believe that the extra "push" from ice druring spring thaw builds higher coarser banks than a "normal" river would.

  9. Felix gets the honors, I think. Florian never came through with the coordinates, and I don't really want to host three consecutive WoGEs.

    I'll take the next one instead. :D

  10. WOGE#379 is at : http://woge-felix.blogspot.de/2013/05/where-on-google-earth-379.html