tirsdag 15. oktober 2013

Where on Google Earth #405

Lusi made a difficult one this time, with little visible geology and not many clues as to where in the world it was. In the end I managed to convince myself that it had to be in Balochistan, Pakistan, and searched around until I found the epicenter of a large recent earthquake.

This time will be a bit different.

Admittedly there aren't that many clues, but I have picked something from classic history. No, not a battle site nor the site of a long-lost city. Something relevant. ;)

As always, the task is to find out where it is, what it is, and post it in a comment here.
Whoever first supplies the (or "a") correct answer, gets to host the next WoGE.

Previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file, along with the "rules".

A week later and time for a hint or two:

It may not look much like it, but this has to do with colour. Something was named for a colour and gave name to a texture.

Oblique view of one of the - well, that would give it all away?