søndag 22. september 2013

Where on Google Earth #403

Felix' last WoGE, mud volcanoes in Romania, was rather colourless. After a little image processing I realised there were forests and fields there, so I could stop searching in arid areas. The drainage pattern and the amount of human activity eventually led me to the Carpathian mountains, just in the bend between Eastern and Southern Carpathians in Romania. Then it was just a matter of finding out what it was, which was a lot easier than finding the place.

So this time I compensate with some more colourful geology.

As always, the task is to find out where it is, what it is, and post it in a comment here.
Whoever first supplies the (or "a") correct answer, gets to host the next WoGE.

Previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file, along with the "rules".