fredag 10. mai 2013

Where on Google Earth #380

Salt glaciers in Zagros, Iran.

Since I found Felix' WoGE#379, the Geysir in Iceland, in record time, I decided to put up the next one in record time too.

Here it is.

As usual, it has some very clear geology. The winner is the first to give coordinates and at least a brief explanation of what makes this interesting to a geologist.

I don't believe this one will take very long, but I have said that before...

See NASA Earth Observatory for a better picture.

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  1. Time for hint #1:

    It's glaringly obvious that this isn't ice.

  2. These are salt glaciers in the Zagros mountains in south Iran, at 27 31 44 N, 54 30 22 E. The picture in the Wikipedia article also shows this site, if I’m not mistaken.

    Salt diapirs rise to the surface, where it slowly flows down into the valley. (Because of the dry climate, it is not dissolved very much.) Clays embedded in the salt sediment (and possibly other rocks) cause the dark colouur.

  3. Correct, Florian!

    Thee is a nice little writeup on them here: and a very nice picture here:

  4. Thanks for the additional info! I'm currently on the road, so I have not yet been able to find a new WoGE. I will publish it on Monday or Tuesday.

    [And Blogspot still doesn’t accept my real OpenID. This has started and stopped working several times over the last years. It would be nice if one could still comment with name/email/url.]

  5. I may decide to move to another platform, if I start getting REALLY involved with WoGE. ;)

  6. Florian, is everything ok with you? Or are you still in the german Pfingst-Vacations like I am.

  7. Felix, I’m ok, and indeed I was on vacation. After way too much rain and snow, I enjoyed the only two nice days (Monday&Tuesday) with my brother’s kids. I’m back home now, and after yesterday’s 4.5h birthday cooking stint (with delicious results) I finally had time to choose the new WoGE. It has become quite difficult to find good locations…

    WoGE 381 will be online at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC) – I just have to finish the blog post.