torsdag 25. august 2016

Where on Google Earth #580

Summer is a slow time, so I have not hurried with finding a new puzzle after sitting on the solution to Felix' WoGE #579 for well over a week. There was something very Australian about the place, and if that was correct then it had to be Southern Australia, and all in all it took me less than  10 minutes from opening Google Earth to finding the location.

This one should be about the same level of difficulty: A  player has to wait three hours for each former win, before he/she is allowed to solve this challenge. 

Since I expect experienced players to find it VERY quickly, I also invoke the triple Schott Rule: 

As always, the first person to post the position and whatever is interesting about the geology/hydrology/geowhatever in this location, wins the privilege of hosting the next WoGE.

Previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on 
his blog and a KML file.

Really? It's been three weeks now, and no suggestions? I can't really zoom out more, and showing a detail won't help if you can't find a 16km circular feature... It's in one of the most popular countries - for WoGEs. :)