fredag 19. april 2013

Photography and Geology

This is my contribution to Accretionary Wedge #56: The Geologist as Photographer

One common comment from non-geolosists seeing the holiday pictures a geologist has taken is "my, you must really love your hammer!"

So I looked through what I had to find a hammerless picture.

The first I found will have to wait, since it shows the same feature as WoGE #377 which has still not been solved.

So instead I decided on an older picture.

It is rare that an overview like this shows enough geology to be interesting from that perspective, and when I took this picture I was thinking as a photographer more than geologist. But it IS a good example of a glacial valley, with hanging side valleys. The dark mountain on the left is Ramnefjell, from where massive rockfalls into the lake caused the death of 136 people in two separate events in 1905 and 1936. The photo was shot from just beside the memorial plaque commemorating the victims.
The wooded "wedge" at the bottom of the picture was farmland until the tsunami caused by the  second rockfall scoured it clean. It also obliterated the memorial set up after the first event.

There is a zoomable version of the photo HERE.

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