onsdag 24. juli 2013

Not a WoGE #4

On the ever popular subject of "round things", here is one which I found where I didn't expect to find it. Lots of round things!

I have no good explanation for the roundness...

tirsdag 16. juli 2013

Not a WoGE #3

And another "Not a Where on Google Earth".

This one is too easy for a WoGE, but too colourful not to share. :)

Not a WoGE #2

Again a picture not intended as a WoGE.

This time I rejected it because it requires too much zoom to see the features that might give a clue as to where it is, and that makes finding the exact location too hard. Also the "features" casting the shadows which are the most visible part of them are liable to change over time. ;)

No rules apply, and idle speculation is welcome.

mandag 8. juli 2013

WoGE #387

Do I have too much time on my hands? It can certainly look like I do, but experience shows that that is only temporary. Very shortly I go on summer vacation. When I get back from that, we should be about ready to start drilling on "my" rig. That again means a couple of months with very little time at all for anything but work. So I enjoy these relaxed office days while I can. :)

From Luis Filipe Miguel's WoGE #386   showing the Vale de Manteigas cutting a straight trench through the Serra de Estrela in Portugal, it is now time for something completely different.

Here is WoGE #387:

What is it and where is it?

The "rules of WoGE" can, as always, be found HERE.

Once again I invoke a "limited Schott" with 2 hours quarantine for every win in the last 50 rounds, which means Felix will have to wait 24 hours to give everyone else a chance. :)