onsdag 26. juni 2013

WoGE #385

And yet another WoGE.

After finding Wogelix' wonderfully geology-rich little area of Schwäbische Alb, it seems to be my turn again.

This picture comes with a lot fewer clues, and is really a classic WoGE since it is obviously in a desert somewhere.

There is something unusual with the water here. What is it, and what  is the (or "an") explanation for it?

It's time for a "limited Schott":
Schott's Rule requires waiting one hour before answering for each previous WoGE win. A limited Schott requires waiting two hours for each win in the last 20 rounds.

fredag 21. juni 2013

Not a WoGE, nor "Overburden"

This one won't be used for a WoGE, nor anything else. I haven't a clue how these structures formed, nor whether they are natural or man-made.

But in case anyone wants to search for it, I am not showing the coordinates. :D

It's in an artificial lake, somewhere warm and wet.

mandag 3. juni 2013

Where on Google Earth #382

Yet another WoGE from me - I seem  to be getting good at this!.

Effjot's WoGE #381 took us to a very large area with very few signs of human activity, the Casiquiare river which links the Amazon and the Orinoco river systems.
One of the clues (which I completely missed) was the difference in flow direction in different parts of the picture.

I had a place ready which includes quite a lot of hydrography and very little signs of human activity, but I think it's time for something very small and very inhabited. So here it is:

For any new players to Where on (Google) Earth, simply post a comment with latitude and longitude and write something about the (geologic/geographic/hydrographic) feature in the picture. If you win, you get to host the next one. Previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file.

Because this WoGE should be rather easy, I invoke Schott's Rule: former winners have to wait until posting for 1 hour for each WoGE they got right. I will post some hints if there is no answer after some time.
Also I want to know not only where and what, but who, what and when too. When you know where it is, all will be elementary.