onsdag 17. februar 2016

Where on Google Earth #528

Luis' WoGE #527 was a bit of a puzzler. I spent a long time searching the highlands of Madagascar before finally finding the mountains on the border between Mozambique and Zimbabwe - and even having found the place it was difficult to find good information on the geology. Maybe it would have been easier if I could read Portuguese?

Anyway, here is a somewhat more populated place for WoGE #528:

This one really ought to have been posted about a month ago.

As always, the first person to post the position and whatever is interesting about the geology/hydrology/geowhatever in this location, wins the privilege of hosting the next WoGE.

Previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on 
his blog and a KML file.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Lake Alleghe in northern Italy.

    Site of the massive Mount Piz landslide that occurred in January 1771. The landslide blocked the Cordevole River, forming Lake Alleghe.


  2. That was quick. :)
    I have a special interest in large landslides and especially those involving lakes, my family is from Loen.

  3. Here is WoGE 529: http://woge-locations.blogspot.ca/2016/02/where-on-google-earth-529.html