tirsdag 16. juli 2013

Not a WoGE #3

And another "Not a Where on Google Earth".

This one is too easy for a WoGE, but too colourful not to share. :)

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  1. 46.1828°, 33.7267° Armjansk Titanium.

    I am lazy today, so I start with the easy one.

  2. A similar picture can be found here: http://woge-felix.blogspot.de/p/specials.html #7

  3. Close, but wrong - Armjansk Titanium is IN the picture, but I took it for ALL of it. :D

  4. Ole: I ask for mercy. I am not a geologist, and did not find anything concerning the wider area.

  5. It's Lake Sivash, also called "Rotten Sea", which separates Crimea from the mainland.

    From Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sivash ): "Sivash is extremely shallow. The deepest place is about 3 m, with 0.5–1 m being the predominant depth. The bottom is covered with silt up to 5 m thick. Being very shallow, the waters in Sivash heat up in the summer and produce a rotten smell, hence the name, "Rotten Sea". For the same reason the water is extremely salty. The amount of various salts is estimated at 200 million tonnes. Several plants harvest the mineral resources of Sivash. The Sivash area is a wetland of international importance. The shores are low, slightly sloping, swampy and salty. In summer, the water level of Sivash decreases significantly, revealing barren solonets soils called "sivashes" by locals.

    Sivash can be divided into Western Sivashes (Western Sivash) and Eastern Sivashes (Eastern Sivash), connected to one another by the Chongar Strait, with the Eastern Sivash connecting to the Sea of Azov through the Henichesk or Genichesk Strait."

    Another area to stay away from in summer. ;)