tirsdag 16. juli 2013

Not a WoGE #2

Again a picture not intended as a WoGE.

This time I rejected it because it requires too much zoom to see the features that might give a clue as to where it is, and that makes finding the exact location too hard. Also the "features" casting the shadows which are the most visible part of them are liable to change over time. ;)

No rules apply, and idle speculation is welcome.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Is there a geological word for "dike eroded like a wall" ?

  2. That would be a geomorphologic term, which isn't my strongest ubject.

    All evidence points to this particular "wall" having grown from the ground up, instead of having been exposed when softer rock was eroded away. Yet "dike" isn't too remote.

  3. You mean, the "wall" grew out of the ground like a volcanic dome??

  4. Except that it isn't a "wall" as such, and it's not volcanic, that's just what I mean. :D