onsdag 2. november 2016

Where on Google Earth #583

After two very slow rounds, Felix showed us Fogo - a far too little known volcano which besides having had a recent eruption also was teh source of a massive tsunami 73k years ago.

This one is not volcanic:

As always, the first person to post the position and whatever is interesting about the geology/hydrology/geowhatever in this location, wins the privilege of hosting the next WoGE.

Previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on 
his blog and a KML file.

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  1. Hi Ole and others,
    After long silence I just want to show I'm alive :)
    I really familiar with glacial things. Part of my Ph.D education, I recieved Quaternary Geology course in Copenhagen University and that was mostly about glaciers.
    The answer is "Proglacial lake canyon Jutulhogget" which is located at 32V 602771.06 E 6876630.01 m N.
    From wiki:
    Jutulhogget is a 2.4 kilometres long canyon in the municipalities of Alvdal and Rendalen in Hedmark, Norway, created by the rupture of the dam of a proglacial lake.
    Proglacial lake: In geology, a proglacial lake is a lake formed either by the damming action of a moraine or ice dam during the retreat of a melting glacier, or by meltwater trapped against an ice sheet due to isostatic depression of the crust around the ice. At the end of the last ice age approximately 10,000 years ago, large proglacial lakes were a widespread feature in the northern hemisphere.

    The next WOGE will be at wogekubi.blogspot.com soon

  2. Correct, Kubilay! I read somewhere that this canyon was formed in two days, which means a really tremendous erosion rate.

  3. Thanks Ole, #584 online on my blog. www.wogekubi.blogspot.com

    Bol sans

  4. Thanks Ole, #584 online on my blog. www.wogekubi.blogspot.com

    Bol sans

  5. WOGE584 is at: http://wogekubi.blogspot.de/2016/11/woge-584.html