onsdag 18. februar 2015

Where on Google Earth # 473

Oh no, it's me again...

Luis' WoGE #472 took me a while to find even if I was fairly certain of the general geographic area - it is a BIG area to search through when you have no hints to where to start.

So this time I return to the deserts where things are large and clear. :)

Next week is "Winter Vacation" in this part of Norway, so I will most likely be far away and not watching the blog. Not quite as far as this, though.

Partly for that reason, and partly because I have been too successful in finding the WoGE's lately, I will again invoke the "Quadruple Schott Rule with max 5 days".  This means every player has to wait the amount of hours, four times the amount of his/her previous wins until he or she is allowed to solve the game, but not longer than 5 days.

Posted Wednesday Feb 18th, 15:00 hrs CET (1400 UTC)

Previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file.

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  1. -23.6883, 141.1188

    The braided Diamantina River in Diamantina National Park (Queensland, Australia), flowing south past Janet's Leap. Vegetation provides darker coloration in the wetter areas.

    Rocks in the area are sedimentary, and deposited on the mesozoic sandstones making up the Great Artesian Basin.

  2. You found it! The "step" in the sandstone here, besides confining the river to a narrow pass, also gives some very nice erosion patterns.
    I couldn't find a really complex place, sometimes we should have something relatively simple both for newcomers and the more experienced. We do not all have online access to just about all papers ever published; when it takes longer to figure out what the geology is than it does to find the spot, this game may be getting too complicated. I admit to having posted some of those myself, like "Mons Porphyrites" a while ago.