tirsdag 27. august 2013

WoGE #397

Finding WoGE #396 took me longer than it should, considering I had a place mark very close in my "maybe WoGE list".
I finally realised that there are large areas in Alaska and Canada that have no signs of glaciation, and that the strange things along the rivers were placer gold mines - in the Klondike area.

And now for something completely different again.

Two round things.

Since the area is small and there is little help in the copyright text, there is no Schott rule this time.

For any new players to Where on (Google) Earth, simply post a comment with latitude and longitude and write something about the (geologic/geographic/hydrographic) feature in the picture. If you win, you get to host the next one. Previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file.

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  1. It is almost like a game of ping-pong, but I have found this WoGE as well:

    39°9′43″N 22°42′34″E

    These are the Zerelia Lakes near Almiros in Greece. I found two different opinions on the geological formation of the lakes:

    1. Olshausen and Sonnabend (1998) connect the formation to the presence of a fault in the southern part of the Almiros plain. They described that it is thought that the lakes were formed in craters resulting from phreatic eruptions. They base this on work of Stiros and Papayeoryiou (1934).

    2. They are twin meteorite impact craters. A 2010 study by Lagios et al on the Mineralogical and Geophysical aspects of the lakes bases this finding on the considerable amount of angular to rounded clasts and polygenic breccias found near the lakes.

    The results of the latter study seem more likely to me.

    1. I thought this one would take a little longer, since it is an impact structure which is NOT in the impact structure KMZ.

      I've read through Lagios et al (2010), and I think their conclusion is good.

      http://www.latsis-foundation.org/files/meletes2010/12.pdf for those who (like me) are curious.

      Back to you, Rob!

    2. Thanks Ole,

      As you likely know, finding a WoGE is such a thing. Sometimes you are searching long time for something and simply search to the left and right sides without finding it, sometimes you just hit it on the head.

      I started using the (an) impact KMZ but then had to leave home. Being away, I only had a slow Google Maps available, so no KMZ file. For that reason I concentrated on the colours and the style of infrastructure. Soon I found myself searching in Turkey and Greece. The east-west green mountains and the brown plains helped me to quickly locate a few options, and one of them proved to be correct.

      I will post a new WoGE this afternoon.


  2. The new WoGE 398 has now been posted, Please use the following link:

    Good luck with the search!